Welcome to our master-checklist for this year’s e-AGM and subsequent e-conference. We will keep updating this post with all things we believe you should look into and consider to be best-prepared for this year’s events.

If you believe anything is missing on this list, or you require further assistance then please contact either or and we will get back to you and / or update this list accordingly. Thank you!

A few things to do, learn, look at while we have 9 weeks left to prepare for this year’s annual general meeting.

Your participation
GYA Website related
  • Have your login data ready. (If not, use one of the above email addresses to request a resend.)
  • Do we have a legacy email on file for you? (This is an email address that is a private one rather than one supplied by your institution – such as yahoo, hotmail or gmail)
  • Update your GYA profile.
  • All guides and how-to’s for the upcoming GYA e-meetings have now moved to their own post. It’s a masterlist to contain all the content we collect for you to help you prepare for the event(s) from a technical point of view. You swill find content such as: How to make a video using Zoom? or How to upload a video to youtube? Check the list here: Need a how-to? Check this masterlist.