ArtSci Nexus

ArtSci Nexus

ArtSci Nexus is an international, open platform centered around collaborative aesthetics between the arts and sciences. The mission of the Nexus is to facilitate the creation of in-lab artist residencies in university settings in order to generate long-term partnerships across disciplines. Once established, the teams work with scientific themes, data sets, and tools and techniques to constructively critique the scientific process, visualize research, and work towards contributing to new methodologies and approaches.

Four active Nexus teams will be presented in this exhibit: Arrhythmia, Neural Module, Bacteriality, and the Well-Tempered Brain, alongside guest project Dolphinet, guest sound artist Miriam Akkermann from the German Young Academy (Die Junge Akademie), and a children’s book publication by Dmitry Alexeev.

These teams first met at the inaugural ArtSci Nexus Think Tank in Leipzig, Germany in April 2016 and have been collaborating ever since. They have exhibited in Lisbon, Stockholm, New York City, and Hamburg, and have participated in summer education programs in Barcelona.

The Think Tank “9 Evenings Revisited – In Theory as in Practice” took place on the 50th anniversary of the monumental exhibition “9 Evenings Theater and Engineering”, as a tribute to the Swedish engineer Billy Clüver who in 1966, brought together 30 engineers from Bell Laboratories to cooperate with 10 prominent artists at the 69th Regiment Armory in NYC. In honor of this, the Nexus Think Tank brought together 20 artists and scientists to embark upon a similar collaboration. The artists and scientists represented Russia, Taiwan, the UK, US, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany. The occasion marked the launch of the platform itself and consisted of scientific lectures, artist talks, artsci film screens curated by the Science Festival of Moscow, and educational workshops with refugee children, underprivileged youth, and prisoners from Regis Breitingen in Saxony. It was in homage to this historical happening, that the Nexus was conceived by artist-curator Candace Goodrich and biochemist Dr. John LaCava.

The Nexus is a contemporary reformulation of the organization, E.A.T., Experiments in Art and Technology, which operated from 1967-2002, with 28 chapters internationally. E.A.T. facilitated collaborative relationships between artists and engineers, and produced exhibitions, a periodical, and workshops that expanded C.P. Snow’s concept the “Third Culture”, that called upon the universities to reintegrate the arts, humanities, and sciences, in order to more effectively and actively address social and political issues that faced contemporary society. It is in this spirit that ArtSci Nexus flourish.