This year, more than ever before, we need you to become active, create videos and submit your files for us to provide those to your fellow members. In order to simplify that process (not everyone knows how to upload to youtube, or even uses youtube to begin with) we have created small landing pages for you to go to in order to submit your video (and provide us with the permission to use them while you’re at it).

We do have different pages for different kinds of media. You can imagine that collecting a large amount might soon lead to confusion so we kindly ask you to see which category your video or file to be submitted fits into and using the respective link. Thank you!

So let us look at the landing pages for the Media Collector we do have:


Member Lightning Talks

Your videos for the 2020 e-AGM to introduce your field of work to your fellow members and alumni shall be submitted through this page. More information on how to make such a video can be found here.

Media Collector: Member Lightning Talks


Anything related to Working Groups, Incubators, Large projects and so forth (Anna-Maria from the Office may have been your point of contact) shall be submitted through this page.

Media Collector: Activties


A greeting video made by you for the e-AGM or e-conference is to be submitted through this link. Thank you!

Media Collector: Greetings

Outgoing members

Outgoing members, please submit your video on your GYA experience through this link.

Media Collector: Outgoing Members

Anything that does not fit the above categories:
Small informal videos, introducing yourself. Personal fotos of yours for the GYA to use in their publications and on Wikipedia / Wiki-data for example. Other files and documents you own and would like to submit to the Office, but would break your email in/outbox.

Media Collector: Submit your video