Lightning Talks are going virtual


What do you do & why?

All GYA members (and alumni!) are invited to submit a recording of your Lightning Talk.

WHAT is a lightning talk? Your talk should explain your research or a specific aspect of your work to fellow members in exactly 3.5 minutes (210 seconds!). The presentation should clearly communicate your research outputs to a broad, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural audience. You may use no more than 2 slides to illustrate your talk. Communicating research effectively within a limited time is a critical skill young scientists of today need to master, and it is both challenging and rewarding!

HOW? We recommend recording your talk using a free Zoom account; this way you can easily work with your powerpoint slides in the background. The GYA Office will provide you with a short 'how-to' guide to recording and submitting your talk. For now, see these tips from GYA members on preparing and holding a Lightning Talk:

Questions? Contact GYA member Sandeep Kaur or alumnus Adewale Adewuyi.

A great opportunity

To give you an impression of past Lightning Talks, here are two examples from the AGM 2019 in Halle, Germany:

This first one is given by GYA Executive Committee Member Anina Rich (Macquarie University, Australia) speaking about the most fascinating of all human organs - the brain.

This second Lightning Talk is created by Chang Da Wan (Universiti Sains Malaysia), who is examining whether University Rankings can be seen as a Quality Indicator.

Make a video?

See 'how-to' guides for recording your talk here.

Submit your video

Use our brand new Media Collector for Member Lightning Talk videos here. It's very simple and sends your file directly to us.

Another option, of course, is to upload the video to your youtube channel and link it to us.