SLPs: An introduction


This workshop aims to impart new members with collective leadership skills for their GYA tenure and in their careers.

Designed and facilitated by Inclusive Innovation, science leadership workshops have been a part of GYA Annual General Meetings since 2018. New members are given the space to reflect together on how to be leaders in diverse contexts: both in their research initiatives, but also more broadly in the institutions and communities where they live and work.

Expected outcomes of the workshop are:

  • Participants learn and practice collaborative tools
  • Increased awareness about communication and active listening
  • New Members develop confidence to inject themselves productively into the meetings and to optimize their engagement and contribution within the GYA and beyond

Approach & Methodology


These science leadership workshops are designed to create or reinforce a shared understanding of the topic at hand and to inspire higher commitment to taking action as a result of having participated in the event. The practiced methods employ elements from a number of creative processes.

At the core is Creative Problem Solving (CPS); the oldest and most researched deliberate creativity methodology, which is flexible, and resilient, in a wide range of situations. It offers a non-prescriptive approach to problem solving. The tools and techniques of Design Thinking and Appreciative Inquiry are also applied.

A Quote


“Participating in the ASLP (Africa Science Leadership Programme) sharpened my vision for myself as an individual, especially around how I could best contribute to addressing the challenges that my continent faces. Ultimately, this would lead to a change in career, to where I now act at the interface of science and policy as a writer, a speaker, and a trainer. So close to my heart has this programme become that I now sit on its steering committee, which means I can participate in spreading the model across the continent and beyond, and this really gives purpose to my life. It sounds a little cliché but in a few words: the Science Leadership Programme changed my life.”

– GYA Co-Chair Connie Nshemereirwe (Actualise Africa, Uganda)


26-29 May 2020

(approx. 4 hours per day)


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More information on Science Leadership Programmes and GYA science leadership workshops here: Strategic Project – Science Leadership