Quick Reminders:

  • This year, we will first hold the e-AGM from 8-12 June. Followed by the e-Conference from 29 June-10 July. Indicate your availability for the e-AGM through this quick survey: AGM (Pre-)Registration
  • Currently the SGM (Special General Meeting) is underway. Since you are reading this email, you can be a part of the discussion about the constitutional changes. Read more in the section on the SGM below.
  • Please note that a majority of the activities planned for this year are asynchronous – thus allowing you to schedule your own time when to read and actively contribute to text discussions.

Calls: Be active now!

Usually, at this place in the Ticker we take the time to explain things about the AGM and Conference sessions. This year, nothing is like it usually is – so the same holds true for the Ticker. Most important right now are the actions you can take to help make this year’s e-AGM and e-conference happen:

Submit your ideas to shape AGM discussions

The Annual General Meeting is the place where members steer the academy. “Which structures need to be strengthened? In what ways should the GYA be more or less active? How can communication be improved?” The Executive Committee is presently preparing topics for discussion, but also requests members' suggestions for the agenda. Please send your AGM topics with a short explanation to no later than 26 April 2020.

Send us your suggestions for topics of strategic relevance in the coming year

We would like to hear from members about possible topics of strategic relevance in the coming year. Which developments should the GYA react to, and why? For example, we have received a suggestion to issue a statement on antibiotic resistence. What topic(s) would you suggest the GYA should address? How should the GYA become active as a global group of early career researchers? Please send your suggestions to by 25 May 2020.

Become a panelist: Heal the Earth!

Submit an abstract for a recorded panel talk as part of the e-conference on the topic “Heal the Earth: Sustainable Development Goals in a Changing World”.

Even if it might seem daunting to record a panel talk, the GYA Office will provide support. More importantly, now is the time to pro-actively shape policy agendas with creative ideas from and across your different disciplines on how to “Heal the Earth”. In this time of global crisis, many of the societal and economic systems we had become accustomed to are shifting, probably for the long term. What does this mean for societies, for nature and for science, and how can young scientists contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive future?

Panel organizers are seeking 1-2 contributions each for the following panels. Submit an abstract by 30 April, and we will contact you shortly thereafter:

  • A global perspective on the covid19 pandemic
  • Resources and Environmental Sustainability
  • Engagement at Large: Communicating Science to and with the public
  • Open Science and Global Open Access

Find more information on how and to whom to submit your ideas here: https://agm.globalyoungacademy.net/call-for-panelists/  

Member Lightning Talks

Don't miss your chance to introduce to your fellow members what you do and love most in a Member Lightning Talk. In some ways, it is simpler than ever. Create a short video, prepare a slide or two, and then submit your talk now. Find out all the details here: Member Lightning Talks.

If you feel you don’t have time to create the perfect talk right now, try to simplify. Check out the members’ valuable tips on preparing your short talk here.

The New Member Science Leadership Programme

Are you a new member of 2020, or a 2019 new member who didn't attend the AGM in 2019? Then seize the incredible opportunity to join this year's virtual New Member Science Leadership Workshop (more here). Thanks to all of you who have already completed the participation survey!

Run for Executive Committee! Run for Co-Chair!

The year 2020 requires a whole lot of bold and unprecedented moves. Why should the daily life of a GYA member be any different? Consider running to become a member of the Executive Committee, or even running for Co-Chair. What do you think the GYA needs? What would you bring to the table? Think about it now, come up with a pitch... consider making a small video of yourself, writing a few short paragraphs about what you would be focusing on as an EC member, or as a Co-Chair. If you have questions, never hesitate to contact the current EC members directly! Just send them an email today – or contact the Office if you need further input from us on the matter! With social distancing in place everywhere, we love the idea of directly connecting to you even more.

E-meetings: Help facilitate discussions or host a coffee break

There will be many places for you to read and comment online by the time mid-May rolls around. There will also be a few scheduled discussion sessions to put into your calendar. We are looking for GYA members to facilitate small break-out discussion groups as a part of these larger discussions.

Furthermore, everyone who has ever been to an AGM knows that its energy and vibe thrive on the friendships and collaborations forged during the informal meeting times throughout these days.

To somewhat re-create this energy, we’re asking for your help! Become a go-to person for members in your region. You could be proactive by contacting members you’re geographically close to – then all get together on Zoom and have lunch or coffee or tea together. All it takes is a handful of you to organise these small meetings. The Office will help with getting the word out when time comes and setting up virtual meeting rooms.

To support the e-AGM by facilitating small discussion groups or regional informal meetings, e-mail us now at

Recapture: the SGM and who does what?

The Special General Meeting (SGM) is currently underway as previously mentioned. You can find it online in an Intranet forum here: SGM 2020 Forum in the GYA Intranet (Login required)

Should you go there – as member, alumni, new member? Most certainly, yes, you should! Discussion is open for anyone who is reading this email, and who has otherwise access to the link above. This is a change to the GYA’s constitution in the works and you all get to have a voice in this matter.

Between 4 - 11 May 2020 the voting on the constitutional changes will take place. Voting is “members-only”. This means anyone whose tenure as a GYA Member started in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019. Further information on how to vote – for those eligible – will follow.

E-AGM & e-conference in the Works

Here’s an overview of what the EC and Office are working on to make the E-AGM happen

  • Finalizing a draft strategic plan for the next years to open up to member consultation.
  • Drafting portfolio reports on topics from collaboration with National Young Academies, strategic projects, alumni outreach to committee reform, to actively discuss with members at the e-AGM.
  • Creating a virtual hub (either on our website, or a mobile / web-based app) that will contain all things e-AGM / e-conference. We are aiming for this hub to have “social network” capabilities. More on this soon!
  • Setting up forums for text-based discussions and looking into online collaboration tools (thank you for the ideas that have reached us so far!).
  • Setting up the Office with Zoom for our video-conferencing needs during the e-AGM and e-Conference.

What you can do now?

  • Volunteer to facilitate small break-out discussions during live AGM discussion sessions.
  • Become a regional go-to person. It might not need more time than an hour every day to check in with fellow members / alumni from your region, exchange messages and possibly sit down for a coffee together. Please note – the EC / POC / LOC / Office cannot offer this kind of outreach the way you could. We need your help to energize this whole new incarnation of our annual meeting. Contact the organising team now:
  • See all the “Calls” at the top of the ticker; there are many ways to start getting involved now!

E-conference: ‘Heal the Earth: Sustainable Development Goals in a Changing World’

The E-conference will be held from 29 June to 10 July 2020. Why two weeks? Because most interactions will be asynchronous, in the form of recorded talks, message boards and forums, where anyone can contribute, whenever you have the time in your own time zone. Some final discussions will be live (virtually of course); more scheduling and panel information will go out in the coming weeks.

Even in digital form, the conference aims to bring together members and alumni of the Global Young Academy with regional, national and international professionals and stakeholders, to lead evidence-based, interdisciplinary and intergenerational dialogue. This year, dialogues will take on new forms: watching pre-recorded panel talks, asking questions and contributing to forum discussions and moderated message boards. The conference aims to debate current problems, while providing space to propose solutions from an inclusive, sustainable and global perspective.

  • A global perspective on the covid19 pandemic
  • Diminishing Resources and Environmental Sustainability
  • Engagement at Large: Communicating Science to and with the public
  • Open Science and Global Open Access

Call for panel organisers: We need your expertise and creative ideas to support the organization, speaker invitation and moderation of panels 1 and 4. Please write to ASAP if you are interested in supporting the e-conference efforts on these topics.

Call for panelists: See the call for panelists (panel contributions) at the top of the ticker or here, and submit an abstract by 30 April!

Reading List

Like in the previous years, we’re collecting relevant background reading on the conference topic, here: "Heal the Earth" Reading List

If you have anything you want to share, contact Jennifer at the Office () so we can include more related articles for your fellow members and alumni.

How to prepare for the e-meetings now

Make use of our checklists and how-to documents:

India – Because our hearts might still travel there!

Sadly, we can’t meet in person in India this year. To more vividly remind us of the planned meeting location and hosts, we will try to include some flair of India in the upcoming tickers. Starting with this song, shared by GYA member Anindita Bhadra (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, India):

Though selecting a song for India is very difficult, I thought of sharing this one, something I remember from my growing up days, made by the government and shown on National TV regularly. This is a song of integrity, showcasing various parts, cultures, languages of India.

Inspirational Quotes

 Thomas Edison Dela Cruz (University of Santo Tomas, Philippines) joined the GYA as a new member in 2015.

"GYA connects not only the young scientists' minds but also links their hearts in a collective effort to address SDG."

"GYA provided me with a stable platform to build and expand my advocacies beyond my research interests."


Anet Režek Jambrak (University of Zagreb,
Croatia) joined the GYA as a new member in 2019.

"Becoming member of GYA last year, is really open window with great opportunities. I am very happy to be involved in many topics and themes, and I find GYA very encouraging and supportive group. Young Academiees can grove, learn, improve and advance in this highly supportive and friendly environment."

So we are wrapping up Ticker #4. If you're reading this, let me kindly ask you to return to the top where all the calls are posted. We need to hear from you, need your input - want to invite you to join the ranks to organise and build this exciting e-AGM and e-conference in 2020 with us - the EC, the POC / LOC and the Office.

Remember, never hesitate to contact us at the Office (specifically for Ticker / tech related inquiries, or Franziska and Sandra at info@globalyoungacademy.net) with your questions, thoughts and further input.

Sending all the best, and a heartfelt 'stay healthy'.
Your GYA Media Officer,

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