The move to an e-AGM this year also impacts how we organise the presentations and interactions by our GYA working groups and incubators. The GYA Office will set up virtual collaboration space for these groups; information on how to access this will follow in the coming weeks. Here is a quick rundown of what is planned / required:

Groups will be asked to submit a brief report about their activities in 2019/20 by the end of April; these will then be shared online for all GYA members to read and interact.

Virtual meeting “rooms” for working groups and incubators to collaborate, discuss and plan for the year ahead will also be provided by the GYA Office (in the week of the e-AGM, 8-12 June 2020).

After the e-AGM, newly developed plans for the next 12 months will be collected from each group and published in a special GYA Activities Newsletter.

New members will be able to sign up to working groups and incubators electronically (from mid-May onwards).

In addition, after the e-AGM, a virtual meeting will be organised (approx. in July) for group co-leads to interact with the GYA EC and Office staff, and discuss any pressing issues re. working group organization and admin.

Group co-leads will receive detailed information on the above from GYA Project Officer Anna-Maria on 1 April 2020, and are then asked to work with their group’s members to prepare for the e-AGM. Please contact Anna-Maria () with any working group-related queries you may have.