The EC has decided to focus on the following core AGM elements (not in order of priority) during the AGM week from 8-12 June:

  1. Elections
  2. New Member Inauguration
  3. Internal Reports and General Assembly
  4. Member interaction (exchange between new and old members)
  5. New Member science leadership workshop
  6. Working Group communication and meeting opportunities
  7. Goodbye outgoing members

Not all of these elements can be reproduced by large live online meetings; some interaction will be asynchronous in the form of online discussion forums, pre-recorded videos and prepared reports for members to view and discuss. Stay tuned here for information as our planning becomes more concrete.


The Programme Organizing Committee and Local Organizing Committee will work on a format to allow online discussion and debate about the conference topic ‘Heal the Earth’ among GYA members and external guests. It is now planned to stretch out interaction in late June/early July. Because digital conferencing takes different preparation than in-person meetings, and to be able to accommodate people in different corners of the world with different infrastructures, much of these debates will also occur asynchronously: in online discussion forums and through commenting on pre-recorded talks.

Although this form of conference may not be as dynamic as an in-person panel, we also see opportunities here: particularly for more people (members and external partners and speakers) to contribute their expertise than might otherwise have been able to travel. A group of GYA members is already drafting a proposal for a conference statement, which will take the results of these online conference discussions into account. Again, stay tuned here for further plans.


A word from the Office

Even online, one thing will not change: The AGM is a working meeting – the more you invest, the more you will get out of it! This might mean early mornings or long nights – but it’s only one week out of the year. Being prepared is key. Take the time to read EC and working group reports, and to watch the recordings your fellow GYA members online. Make use of opportunities to contact and talk to your peers, seize the chance to join working groups, forge new ones, listen to the member lightning talks and network, network, network.

Make sure your laptop is charged, and your internet connection is stable. As time progresses, we will supply you with guides and suggestion of how to best prepare for this digitalised version of an AGM.

So make sure you get all of the upcoming Tickers, or just check back on the AGM Microsite here: https://agm.globalyoungacademy.net/news-ticker/

Also, have a look at last year’s minutes to find out more about the AGM business: https://intranet.globalyoungacademy.net/wiki/download-area/