How to be an active member?!

To form expectations up front: As a GYA member, you will receive many e-mails. We try to consolidate, but communication is an important part of a large network. So please make sure you are receiving the e-mails. Here is an overview of some recurring GYA communications:

GYA newsletter – monthly. This contains all recent news, updates from members and from the EC, and an outlook on strategic upcoming events and partnerships.

Opportunities digest. This weekly mailing is a collection of opportunities for young scientists and researchers, of all sorts, in all places. We hope you might find something of interest here for you or someone else in your own network. If you have opportunities to share, send them to the Office at .

Nominations/Calls. Often times the GYA is asked to nominate a representative to attend a key event or take part in an international committee. In this case, a call will go out to all members.

The Intranet is for you. Log in, look around. Take control over your profile, keep it up to date as it is your card through which the world meets you as a GYA member. The intranet is your one-stop-shop for all things you need as a member. We provide a growing collection of procedures to help you understand better how the GYA works and are aiming to build a repository for all kinds of information, downloads etc. We wholeheartedly invite you to make the place your own:

How to go about being active?

The GYA is what members make of it. We have collected a few ideas on how to get involved:

1. Join existing activities (incubators, working groups, projects, committees, etc.)

2. Propose new incubators (newly initiated working groups). The AGM is a great place to develop ideas for such.

3. Volunteer for a member committee. A lot of what the GYA accomplishes is done through committees, and every member’s contribution is valued. The GYA relies on its members’ active participation, so bring in your ideas and make your voice heard!

Review Committee
To ensure outputs of the highest quality, this committee will facilitate the review process of working group funding applications, statements, reports etc.

Member Nominations and Opportunities Committee (NomOppC)
There are plenty of opportunities where an endorsement of a member by the GYA would help. Similarly, the GYA often is invited to nominate candidates to participate in events or serve on further committees. The role of this committee is to ensure that this process is fair and transparent.

Membership Selection Committee
This committee plays a vital role in maintaining the high quality and diversity of new members. The members of this committee review all incoming applications for new membership each year (approximately 40 new members selected each year). It is highly recommended that each GYA member joins this committee at least once during their tenure.

Membership Diversity Committee
This committee regularly reviews membership statistics and develops strategies to encourage applications from in particular under-represented applicants (region, discipline, gender etc.).

Constitutional and Legal Committee
The role of the Constitutional and Legal Committee is to review suggestions in terms of legal feasibility, assess the impact of these changes and advise the EC.

Communications and Interactions Committee
Effective communications can help us achieve our overall objectives; engage effectively with stakeholders; demonstrate the success of our work; ensure people understand what we do, and; change behaviour and perceptions where necessary.

Fundraising Committee
The role of the Fundraising Committee is to find ways to expand the current GYA funding, e.g. by establishing and maintain contacts.

Finance Review Committee
The members of the finance review committee review the spending of the GYA and comment on ways to become more efficient in using the limited funds of the GYA.

Calls for these committees are sent to all members after AGMs. If you want to join at a different time, that’s also possible: write to !

A complete list of all current GYA Member Committees can be found here: (

4. Run for office. Members of the Executive Committee are elected at the AGM. Any member is eligible to run, including new members. If you are considering this, but are unsure, we encourage you to get in touch with any of the current or past EC members to find out more about what the roles entail. The Nominations and Elections Committee will send out a call for candidates in the coming weeks.See a list of the current and past EC members on our website here:

5. Establish and support a Young Academy. The GYA supports the establishment of NYAs in every country. Is there one in yours? If not, consider leading an initiative to create one. And if there is a YA in existence, then get in contact and help them grow. Further details can be found on our website – or use the opportunity at the AGM to get in contact with Anna-Maria Gramatté (Office).