Harmonising Reason with Sensibility

Regenerating science for an inclusive and sustainable future

14 – 17 June 2022

Fukuoka, Japan


The meeting will be hosted by the Young Academy of Japan, with support from the Science Council of Japan (SCJ). In preparation for the 2022 International Conference of Young Scientists, GYA members have been working together within the Focus Area Harmonising reason with sensibility.

Harmonizing Reason with Sensibility: Regenerating science for an inclusive and sustainable future

Although countries have started moving toward achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), more effort is needed to bring about truly transformative changes around the world. Scientific research is still at times fragmented and trust in science is fragile in many places. A new generation of researchers needs to regenerate science in order to tackle the global challenges we are facing.

At the 2022 International Conference, GYA members will convene to discuss ways to transcend disciplinary silos; to spark a global interdisciplinary dialogue to reform the science system and rethink the contribution of science to society. As an interdisciplinary science academy, the GYA fosters collaboration between the natural, physical and social sciences, as well as engineering, medicine, the arts and humanities, aiming to develop a more human-oriented perspective on science and scholarship.

Conference sessions will address ways that science is more than only a rational, impersonal or utilitarian force. Connecting science to emotional intelligence, common sense and cultural sensibilities can forge new bonds with society and restore trust. It is also important to go beyond a superficial opposition between tradition and science. Taking into account human intuition, technical skills, neglected disciplines and indigenous knowledge are all means of enriching science and broadening our knowledge base.

The 2022 host country, Japan, has integrated scientific and traditional perspectives for over 150 years, and offers an inspiring location for the global community to progress the revitalization of science. Science and research are important for fostering innovation and economic growth, but can also unleash curiosity, inspire action and help give meaning to the world. Only by harmonizing reason with sensibility will the future be truly inclusive and sustainable.