Annual General Meeting and International Conference

Annual General Meeting and International Conference

Annual General Meeting and International Conference

Traveling to Washington, D.C.

Three main airports service Washington, D.C.:

  • DCA – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
    Best for domestic flights / flights from Canadian airports
    Closest airport to the city
  • IAD – Washington Dulles International Airport
    Closest airport for international flights; 26km outside of Washington, D.C.
    Connected to D.C. via Silver Line metro
  • BWI – Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
    International airport; approx. 30km outside of Washington, D.C.
    Connected to D.C. via train

Online, more information on the three airports can be found here:
Guide to Washington, DC-Area Airports | Reagan, Dulles & BWI (June 2022)
Which Washington DC Area Airport Should You Fly Into (2020) |Airfarewatchdog Blog (Post date 2019, but recently updated)

Medical Insurance and costs:

Anyone planning to travel outside of their country of residence is advised to look into travel health insurance. U.S. medical costs can be extremely high without insurance. We advise you to first contact your national insurance provider about travel insurance options. If needed, these websites provide further information and bids:

Visitor Medical Insurance. Visitors Insurance for USA visitors. Visitor Health Insurance for relatives visiting USA (

US Travel Insurance – Health Insurance for Visitors to USA (


April 2024: NASEM Visa Process Update and Recommended New Steps

Any pending cases that remain will now need to be resolved by the individual member at the U.S. embassy/consulate level in their country. Members can still request a Letter of Invitation from NASEM prior to their interviews as needed until April 19. 

What does this mean for my case?
This means GYA members will now need to take a self-driven approach to resolving individual visa issues. We recommend you consider taking the next steps below based on your current visa status:

Awaiting a Scheduled Interview: If you have a visa appointment date before the conference, please follow specific instructions received from your U.S. embassy contact. If you would like to request a letter of invitation, please fill out our Letters of Invitation form. We will respond to requests until April 19, after which we will no longer be accepting requests. 

Need Expedited Interview: If you have been given an interview date that is after the conference, we recommend you apply directly for an expedited visa interview via the instructions on your consulate or embassy websites.

Denied Expedited Interview: If you are denied an expedited appointment, we recommend that you continue to monitor the visa interview scheduling website for any open spots to reschedule yourself. You will not receive a notification when new appointments open up, so it is important for you to check daily since it is common for cancellations to occur and you would be able to pick that new time.

Currently in Administrative Processing: If you are in the “administrative processing” status, it is best to continue to check in with the embassy per the contact information available and continue to monitor your case status visa the Visa Status Check website. 

You can contact with additional questions, or request a Letter of Invitation until April 19 at .