Annual General Meeting and International Conference

Annual General Meeting and International Conference

Annual General Meeting and International Conference

AGM Tickers 2024: Let’s meet in May in Washington

This year, the AGM and conference will take place 7-10 May in Washington, D.C. To be prepared for the event, the AGM Ticker will contain all important information, reminders and links. There will be five in total before the AGM, with one post-AGM Ticker coming your way in June 2024. Find all issues as they […]

AGM & Conference 2024 – Give your Lightning Talk!

Submit your abstract by 28 February 2024! A valued part of the Annual General Meeting and Conference programme is to hear from GYA members around the world about their field of expertise. Lightning Talks showcase the multiplicity of research interests within the GYA membership, making space for individuals to communicate to each other about their […]

GYA Code of Conduct

We, the members, alumni and Office staff of the Global Young Academy (GYA), are committed to providing an environment that fosters the exchange of scientific ideas and open debate while providing a safe platform for Early-Career Researchers (ECRs) to express their voices. We are committed to equal opportunities and treatment for all members and alumni, […]

The 101: About the AGM, the GYA and you as a part of it

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The AGM and Conference: A working meeting The Annual General Meeting (AGM) – is the main annual event of the GYA. Here are the most important things to know about it: It is a large working meeting. The AGM part is for members (and alumni) only. The conference part includes invited guests. AGM: engage in […]